Experience and innovation together to develop cutting – edge solutions

Our activities

Facilities Division
It deals with Cathodic Protection, water losses and electro – instrumental systems.
Digital Division
It deals with the design and the realization of innovative solutions.


ESA (Environmental Special Activities) S.r.l. was born in Naples in 1996 from an idea by Gino Esposito, a young businessman determined to develop his company idea, modelled on the international companies he met during his numerous travels abroad. 

At the beginning, ESA operates in the fields of Cathodic Protection and plant engineering, but in 1999 it forms a partnership with Smart Point SA, a swiss company specialized in technological solutions and digitalization. Thus, ESA upgrades its technical structure with a specialized staff and it extends in the digital sector, providing R&D services for the development of software/hardware integrated solutions, ready to use or customized according to Customer’s needs, destinated to processes, facilities and equipment tracking, by defining an innovation both in terms of processes and products.  Over time, the two companies have continued to consolidate their relationship, integrating themselves in developing cutting – edge solutions. 

For over 25 years, ESA is the ideal partner to trust to achieve your objectives.