Cathodic Protection, that is the defence against corrosion of underground pipes, is a job that is done with mud on the boots. Our specialized technicians are daily in the field to ensure the correct functioning of the Cathodic Protection systems with punctuality and precision, and in accordance with all the regulations and procedures in force.

An efficient Cathodic Protection system guarantees a longer life of the structure and a significant reduction in repair costs.

The structures examined are: underground or submerged pipelines, tank farms and offshore platforms.


Water leaks are a serious problem for pipeline operators. They are due to:

Waste (a hole of only 10 mm in diameter, at a pressure of 3 bar, generates an annual loss of 52,580 m3 of water);

Extensive damage to public property

Threats to the safety of the population.


The realisation of control systems plays a fundamental role in risk management and in companies performances improvement. 

Electro-instrumental systems (ELE / SMI) allow remote control and monitoring of process systems. A wide range of certified measuring equipment is used for the adjustment and calibration of the process instrumentation, which allows the issue of a specific certification, drawn up according to the procedures of its quality system.

In every industry it is possible to find electro-instrumental systems. These systems can be both the widespread electro-instrumental electric type, but also those of the pneumatic type.

When we talk about electro-instrumental systems, we can therefore refer to a wide range of technical elements. This type of plant is essential within a specific production process and its quality depends on:

• The overall safety of the industrial plant;

• The efficiency and effectiveness of the process itself.

These systems must be made with extreme precision, and it is certainly important that qualified technicians are involved in their construction.

ESA has been focusing its attention for years on the construction of electro-instrumental systems for industrial processes and deals with all aspects concerning, namely design, installation, testing, maintenance and assistance.

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